Drinking coffee is so enjoyable for many that you would think it's America's favorite past time... drinking a good cup of Joe. Ceramic coffee cups and mugs are very easy to break and that is why stainless coffee cups are making a comeback. They come in the popular mug style as well as an insulated thermos style cup. With stainless cups the biggest concern in heat transference, since no one wants to burn themselves. Most stainless cups are double walled or insulated to prevent this issue. Enjoy!

Stainless Coffee CupEnjoy your hot or cold drinks with this handsome double-walled stainless steel drinking cup. It's elegant, reusable, practical, and eco friendly.

It is made of quality 18/8 stainless steel, so no worry of breakage like glass nor concern of harmful BPA chemicals. No visible seam, all one continuous smooth inner surface. Dimension is 4.5 inches with handle, width is 3 inches and height is 3.5 inches with capacity of 10 fluid ounce (1 and 1/4 cup), suitable for frequent daily use. Brilliant reflective finish and excellent craftsmanship. A great choice for those prefer a healthy and eco-friendly drinkware. Each shipped in a non-woven reusable drawstring pouch-an assurance you are receiving an authentic StainlessLUX product.



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