When it comes time to purchase drinking cups for your kitchen you have to take into the consideration the needs of everyone in your family. A regular glass drinking cup is the standard but when you have kids you often decide to opt out of glass for quite a few years to prevent breakage and injury. The new normal for drinking cups these days is plastic but they are not safe for kids to drink out of since they are made with nasty chemicals that can leach into the beverages they hold. Plastic cups are also not sustainable or healthy for our planet. The same chemicals that can harm us, can also harm our planet and the wildlife that comes into contact with plastic waste. Plastic also lasts forever... far beyond the use you will get out of a cheap plastic cup. Is that the legacy we want to leave behind, that of plastic garbage? No! For all the reasons above, stainless steel cups have become all the rage again. The cups your great-grandparents used or the ones you used while camping are now becoming commonplace at the dinner table. Here are some of the best stainless cups on the market right now:

Stainless Steel Pint CupsThe same company that makes the uber stylish and popular Klean Kanteen Stainless Water Bottles also makes these awesome, high quality stainless pint cups! Perfect for kids!
  • The Kanteen Pint is made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that's completely free of BPA and other nasty toxins.
  • Very durable and completely recyclable, the brew cup holds 16 oz of liquid and is dishwasher safe for dependable, clean taste each and every time.
  • Perfect for parties, the workplace, schools and at home, the Kanteen Pint is the perfect replacement for plastic drinking cups that overload the trash and can't be recycled.
  • Free of paint and plastic, the Klean Kanteen logo is etched on the bottom for a 100% toxin free product.
  • Great for travel, keeping one in the car, at your desk, in your backpack, by the water cooler, or to a restaurant - anywhere you need fresh, cold beverages without the hassle of plastic.


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