Are you a tea drinker? You are in luck because there are stainless steel cup options for you too! Just like with stainless steel coffee cups they need to be double walled to make sure you don't burn yourself with hot tea. Here are some stainless options for you to consider...

Stainless Steel Tea CupThis Double-Walled Stainless Steel Tea Cup and Saucer Set is a stylish way to sip your tea or coffee!

This beautifully crafted double-walled structure keeps your drink warm as you enjoy the aroma from the fresh brew. Smooth, with no inner seam, so there no leaks and it is easy to clean. No-BPA. Whew! Non-porous surface won't develop bacteria-harboring pits or cracks like plastic. Does not break and chip like glass and porcelain. Brilliant reflective finish on the cup and matching saucer to complete the elegant look.



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